What our users are saying about SidePrize

Honestly, nothing is more satisfying than emptying wallets of all the guys talking smack in my league.

Michael Isaacs


SidePrize was quite easy. It was a welcome change not to be the league tax man. In the past, half a dozen emails were not uncommon before everyone actually paid their dues. Plus, I was managing as many as three or four different payment method based on what form of payment members preferred. Even if everyone paid through PayPal and Venmo, those funds would inevitably become commingled with my personal funds so I had to keep a pretty robust spreadsheet to tracks dues submitted and payouts made. Using SidePrize has saved me a significant amount of time and hassle.

Jonathan Sucher


I really enjoyed using SidePrize to spice things up in our fantasy football and basketball leagues. We have a very competitive league with a lot of verbal exchanges back and forth. Being able to seamlessly up the ante on a weekly basis, regardless if you and a friend aren't even matched up that week, created even more competition and interest throughout the league. [I thoroughly enjoyed the SidePrize Feature and would recommend it for any league, not to mention they were quite generous with Promo Codes!]

Stewart Wallace

ATL or BUST, Yahoo

SidePrize has been a huge hit in our fantasy football league. Though we are all good friends, collecting money from each other for the total pot and side bets was always a hassle and brought along some sort of controversy. SidePrize has made the collection process flawless while also allowing us to have loads of action each week regardless of how the season has fared.

Mat Barnwell

ATL for Life, ESPN