Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I trust my friends -- why do I need this site?

We get it. We trust our friends too. Unfortunately, we’ve heard the horror stories of friends losing the money, not paying up, but more so, not wanting to be responsible for the money. That’s where a trusted third-party service like SidePrize comes in.

How does SidePrize make money?

We appreciate you asking! While we swallow all the costs associated with league collections, we take a $5 processing and services fee when withdrawing money from your side challenge account. Down the line, we will also be generating revenue through our direct partnerships with different fantasy providers.

Are SidePrize challenges legal?

Short Answer: Yes! Longer Answer: SidePrize is a payments company for legal wagers in skill-based competitions. Because season-long fantasy sports is considered a game of skill you are legally allowed to compete against others for money.

Is my money safe?

Of course! Safety is one of our biggest concerns. We ensure your funds are in a protected account separate from our business operating account.

Is it free?

There is no cost whatsoever to sign up for SidePrize. There is also no cost to use our league dues/collections and payout platform. The only fee you would incur is a $5 service and processing fee when withdrawing funds after placing Side Challenges.

League Dues: Collections and Payouts

Why are you processing our league dues for free? What’s the catch?

Our core business is actually the in-season week-to-week action amongst friends, so handling league dues is just an entry point for us to get the entire league onto the SidePrize platform. Our hope is your league starts to adopt the SidePrize platform for raising the stakes via the side action. But if not, no problem. You reap the benefits of a completely free league collections platform.

Why should we use you guys for collections?

We make life easier for the commish through collecting, tracking & disbursing

Everyone can keep up with the status of who has / hasn’t paid (less emails)

Email nag feature that allows you to stay on top of the laggards

Ability to place season-long & weekly challenges against anyone on any week

We have special promotions for adding money to your league to raise the stakes!

When will money be added for pre-season promo?

For any pre-season promotion, the money will be added at the end of the season when the winners are paid out. What will help streamline this process is if you add a note in the “Status of League Dues” section where you’d like the additional funds added.

How do I add an extra payout for our leagues winners?

All you need to do is head on over to the “Status of League Dues” page, and click on edit. From there you can select “Add Payout”. If the payout is custom please add it to the “Additional Details” box and you’ll be all set. **Please note, editing league dues is only available to the user who created the buy-in and only up until week 1 of the NFL season.

Adding Teams / Leagues

What providers does SidePrize work with? Do I need to change my platform if it’s not one of your certified providers?

As of today SidePrize works with ESPN, Yahoo!,, Reality Sports Online, My Fantasy League, and Head2Head Sports. If you don’t use one of these providers, unfortunately, you won’t be able to leverage SidePrize at this moment. But check back as we’ll be adding more providers shortly!

Can I add multiple teams/leagues to SidePrize?

Of course! Go ahead and click on your name in the top right, and a drop down will appear. Click on “Add Team” and you’ll be able to add additional teams and leagues to your account.

I’m having trouble adding my ESPN team. Please help!

The six items you need to sync your ESPN team are: League Name, Team Name, League ID, Team ID, etc (show screenshot)

Head to

Click on your league on the left. Then select the “my team” tab.

From there take a look at the URL (screenshot) and use the two numbers pictured below as your league ID and team ID.

Adding / Withdrawing Money from Your Account

What is the difference with depositing money toward the total balance vs. paying my League Dues? Can I use my balance to pay my dues?

If you are looking to pay a league buy-in, please only do so by selecting the blue buttons that say, “Pay League Buy-In”. The “Total Balance” reference at the top correlates to the money in your account to place Side Challenges. To add funds to your SidePrize account for Side Challenges go ahead and select “Total Balance” and then select “Add Funds”. Throw in your credit card information, and you’re all set. Note: If you accidentally deposited money into your account that you’d like applied to your league dues, please reach out to us immediately and we’ll get it transferred over.

How do I add promotion dollars I received?

When logged into your account, select “Total Balance” and then “Add Funds”. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a box to add a promo code. Type in the promo code there and hit “Apply” (or you can just click here). You’re all set from there!

What’s the deal with a $5 processing/service fee?

For us to keep the lights on, we have fees and other costs to pay. Some of these costs are even eaten on our end, others are passed through to you. We get fees can be a pain, but we want to make sure we can keep things running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also worth noting, the withdrawal fee only applies to money for side challenges and not for league dues.