Let SidePrize Handle Your Fantasy League Dues For Free

SidePrize is an add-on to your existing fantasy league that helps ensure fantasy league collections, allows league members to enter real money weekly competitions & much more.

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Easily Collect Dues For Free

SidePrize makes it easy for anyone to collect league dues. Members can deposit funds using a credit card or PayPal. For Free.

Help From a Fantasy Assistant

SidePrize gives each league their own personal assistant to handle all of your fantasy sports dreams and desires.

Challenge Anyone for Money

Sick of your friends talking smack? Make them put their money where their mouth is. SidePrize will monitor the contests and automatically distribute winnings.

Easily Collect Your Winnings

Cash Out at anytime via Paypal or let us send you a check. No Payout Minimums. Not now. Not ever.

Supported Fantasy Platforms

ESPN Fantasy
NFL Fantasy
RotoWire Fantasy
Yahoo Fantasy

“Honestly, nothing is more satisfying than emptying wallets of all the guys talking smack in my league.”

— Michael Isaacs, #BlurredLions —
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Connect Your League

Challenge anybody in your league on any week. There are more games than your weekly matchup.

Shake on it

Select Your Opponent

Choose an opponent, a game type and the prize amount. Your opponent can accept or counter the offer.

SidePrize Tropy

Collect Your Winnings

Collecting on SidePrize is easy. Cash prizes are automatically distributed to the winners once scores are finalized.