The Digital Payments Solution for Skill-Based Competitions

SidePrize is the safe and secure way to handle finances for organizers and applications. From entry fees to in-game action to prize disbursement, SidePrize is the one-stop for your event finances.

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Collect Entry Fees Without Hassle

Whether you are an esports tournament organizer, fantasy football commissioner or general competition provider, SidePrize allows you to focus on the most important matters of hosting while the financial aspects are managed by a trusted third-party.

Keep Players Engaged Throughout Competition

Have issues keeping everyone interested even when their performance is lacking? SidePrize offers a variety of games to keep your players locked in whether they are at the top or bottom of the standings.

Eliminate Traditional Payout Issues

Hate the process of cash and prize disbursement? SidePrize makes this the fun part again as you can ensure winners receive the right amounts and in prompt fashion.


SidePrize works with tournament organizers and platforms to raise the stakes and produce more winners.

Fantasy Sports

SidePrize works with platforms and commissioners to raise the stakes in fantasy leagues.


SidePrize works with applications so players can raise the stakes on the course.